• The social and cultural activities is to engaging with mixer of people from different background and faith increased confident, reduce isolation and build a strong connection with their community, encouraging diversity and integration to enjoy the events. The social activities are strong tool to bring peoples out of house and involve in community project.( please check our upcoming event page with all the detail of activities)

Indoor Friendship Coffee or Orange Juice

  • Indoor Friendly Coffee aim to bring neighbourhoods, local resident, local community including represent of police and local authority to talk and concern local area.

Outdoor Activities

  • The outdoor activities is to refresh the mind, fresh air and enjoy the weather to talk, to learn and guide others who are not involve in community project. to promote  and Awareness day the organisation work to others

Art & Craft

  • The Art and Craft for all age to enjoyed, smiling and invite friends and family to join to session.

Day Out

  • The day out with families and youths to enjoyed the British summer weather out of office. These including staffs, volunteers, youths and families

Refugee Week: PARCA Celebrate each year (Month of June each Year)

  • Refugee week is a UK-wide programme of Arts, Cultural and Educational events and activities that celebrate the contribution of Refugee to UK and promote better understanding of why people seek sanctuary. Anyone can take part by attending or taking part in activities.
  • An established part of the UK’s cultural calendar, Refugee Week is now one of the leading national initiatives working to counter this negative climate, defending the importance of sanctuary and the benefits it can bring to both refugees and host communities.

Black History Month (Month of October each Year)

  • Black History Month has proven over many years to be a unique and valuable celebration of the African-Caribbean community and their immense contribution to Britain by David Cameron (PM). The organisation has participated to runs the event with the partnership of other community group.


PARCA has rebranded their name. Please see new name below!