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Our Team

Meet our team who are dedicated to help and support you! 

Each member is specialised in different areas to ensure that we are able to provide the best quality service to you!



Moez Nathu 

'I have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise to guide everyone who want to settle in UK.

I am able to advice on integration or life in UK as I was an asylum seeker and refugee and have experienced this first hand. I am able to understand you and your situation and difficulties.  

I am happy to help you.'


Office Manager 

Betty Porter

'As the Office Manager, I will be making sure things run smoothly, and supporting our staff and volunteers when needed. I look forward to helping make sure that PARCA continues to be a friendly and welcoming environment for everyone.'


Outreach Manager

Marija Lysak 

'I enjoy working in partnership with organisations, businesses and people in the local community. This ensures our service users have access to help and support where needed.'

Rania .jpg

VPRS Support Worker/ Covid-19 Support Officer 

Rania Ali 

'I am a Caseworker working with Syrian refugees to ensure refugees receive specialist information, advice and advocacy support. I provide support to clients dealing with key issues such as housing, welfare and health. I create links and work effectively with public sector

Additionally, as a COVID-19 Support Officer I undertake a range of Covid-19 prevention projects. I assist in the effective implementation of policies and procedures to ensure that the public are adequately protected against risks to their health and harm from COVID-19.

Lina new.jpg

ESOL Manager 

Lina Truksanovaite

'For several years now, I have taught learners from many different cultures at Pre-Entry and Entry Level 1. It is an honour to be able to support them on their English language journey and gives me a profound sense of satisfaction to see how they progress.'


VPRS (Befriender) Manager 

Donald MacLarty MBE BEM

'As the Resettlement VPRS Project Manager it is my role to ensure that our refugees within this project continue to get the necessary support and help to ensure their integration in to the UK.  I fully support my case workers who work endlessly to ensure that the families well-being is maintained

I am also involved in the British Nationals (Overseas) Hong Kong Project so we are able to offer a Welcome Package to support new Hong Kong arrivals within the Peterborough/Cambridgeshire area.  Help and Support is available for Education, Housing, Employment and much more...' 


Media/ ARAP Operations Manager 

Narisa Nathu

'I have strong digital marketing skills and enjoy every aspect of the digital world. Having the opportunity to create a digital stamp for PARCA is very exciting 

The opportunity to work with and support Afghan Refugees is a journey to understand and help each individual  that has been relocated to Peterborough'


Refugee Employment Adviser & Skills Assessor

Thomas Wright ​

' My job is to help people to upskill themselves through education and training opportunities. I also assist people into employment by assisting with CV’s, job searches and applications. 

I run the ‘Well-being and Work for Refugee Integration’ Project at PARCA in partnership with the SMP. This project provides three strands for refugees; well-being support, employment support and training/education.'


Youth Officer 

Celso Oliveira 

'It’s not only my job but it’s my mission to deliver activities and community service to support young people, migrants and refugees in Peterborough. I felt happy joining PARCA team and learning how become a leader and build a relationship with others.'



ARAP Support Worker 

Rubaba Hussaini 

'I am always keen to help people, I am friendly, detail orientated and hard-working individual.  I am an accountant and finance graduated. I have several years of experience in customer support service. I enjoying socialising and meeting new people. Currently, I support refugees in all aspects of settling down in Peterborough'


ARAP Support Worker 

Mohammad Afzal Aryouby


'As a young and educated person, it's my responsibility to help with those who are in need. Many people or those who are struggling with being new to society and are facing with challenges and problems, I am keen to help them in better way. I have studied business administration as well as accounting and psychology. Worked with several national and international organisations. From last decade working with charities, refugees' agencies and welfare organisations in order to satisfy those who need help.
I am proud of my job and will stand with those who need help anytime anywhere.'


ARAP Support Worker 

Tamim Niazi 

'I am working for Afghan Refugee families as a caseworker I register them with GP school and utilities. I also show the families how use the water, gas and electricity at home and how to use the local transport. I also  show them halal shops, Mosques and other important places in the city.'


ARAP Support Worker 

Mukhtar Malakzai 

An empathetic individual who now works with PARCA to help people in need  , after moving to the UK . Adaptable to a wide range of challenges as learned through many years’ experience working for large multinational organisations. An active listener, multilingual, who thinks pragmatically and critically to resolve issues. Highly commended by Superiors in the past for completing all roles with tenacity and integrity. I am keen to help those who are in need. 


 Support Worker 

Raihana Hussain 

This is an honour to be a member of PARCA’s team as a Support Worker. I enjoy working in an environment with people from different backgrounds and cultures. I will never miss the opportunity to help others who are in need as this gives me a great sense.

MicrosoftTeams-image (27).png

IT Support 

Pavels Remigolskis 

'It's easier to get any job done when you have right tools. Ensuring that every PARCA team member has IT equipment and knowledge they need, helps PARCA to achieve more'

Board Members 

Meet our Board Members who have made PARCA a reality from a dream!



Nondo John Kasensa


Board Member 

Kumbi Mubange 


Board Member 

Khadija Ali Husein


Board Member 

Jamila Mohammed Abdu


Board Member 

Rusom  Embaye 

Our Volunteers

Meet our Volunteers (past & present) who are always ready to support you!

We are super grateful for all the hard work our Volunteers put in. 

Tania Goncalves
Phillipe Palmer
Suzette Cindy Sieunarine
Suhad Elmarsumi
Sarah Blackmore
Bridget Ginty
Astrid Lutonadio 
Ola Elsabbagh
Debbie Wildford
Ben Fateh.jpg
Fateh Ben 
Laura Moore.jpg
Laura Moore
Katheryn Tilling
Hannah Bull.jpg
Hannah Bull
Oussema Rahmeni 
Raihana M Hussain
Rudolph Pohlodko
Zakia Erfani.jpg
Zakia Erfani
Sandra Helen Sutton.jpg
Sandra McAll
Julia Gaze
Martyna Wykrota.jpg
Martyna Wykrota
Yasemin Ozcelik.jpg
Yasemin Ozcelik
Sarmed .jpg
Sarmed Chaudhry
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