The government announced in September 2015 that the UK would resettle up to 20,000 Syrian refugees over the next five years.

Peterborough council has agreed to resettle around 100 Syrian refugees in Peterborough over the next five years. The first five families (approximately 23 people) arrived at the end of September 2016 as part of the Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement Programme.

PARCA, the organisation has been nominated by Peterborough City Council to support newly arrived refugees through the scheme provided by the Home Office on Integration & Cohesion.

PARCA team ensure that the beneficiaries are provided with a dedicated source of advice and support to assist with registering for mainstream benefits and services and signposting to other advice and information giving agencies.

The support includes:

a) Meet and Greet

b) Orientation Package

  • The Police
  • Transport
  • Faith Groups
  • Family Support
  • Housing & safety
  • Health
  • Utilities & Banking
  • DWP / Job Centre Plus
  • Education
  • HMRC & Customs
  • Family support etc…..

c) Integration Support

  • Full action plan to be discussed and agreed to, including short and long term objectives. Any additional support to be identified.
  • Develop a Personal Integration Plan with each individual to monitor integration, including a baseline assessment, employment experience, skills, health and aspirations.
  • Beginnings of befriending and volunteer support from churches / Mosque and communities in the area. Teas / lunches / trips.

These refugees will be moved from camps in the countries neighbouring Syria using the established processes for identifying and resettling refugees.

The government has agreed to cover all the health, social and educational costs for all refugees, this is in addition to them being able to access benefits such as housing.

Funding will come from the International Development Fund, so instead of this going to other countries it is being used to support refugees in this country.

Work has already started with other organisations to put in place the arrangements to house and support the refugees from Syria.

The organisation is aware that many people in Peterborough would like to offer help to the Syrian families as well as other families in need in the city.

Any person would like to donate in kind, voluntary or financial support, please contact; Julie Kelham on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or call us on 01733 56 34 20.

PARCA has rebranded their name. Please see new name below!