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I have joined PARCA Art & Craft session because I felt isolated with no friends and want to come out from house for the support. One day I passed by Northfield Road I saw many people in building and some volunteer ask me to join the art & Craft and I was happy. Now I have new friends from Czech and we meet each time to session. Thank you to PARCA.


I was employed and Seetec send m to PARCA for work program and find many good think in centre. I cannot speak good English but PARCA help in join English class. I have good teacher and many people from different country. I am from Poland.


I join PARCA from work program; my first refugee week was good to understand why refugees come to Europe. I meet many refugees that have good work and make contribution in economic. I am Czech.


I met so many people in centre, different nationality; I am so happy and encourage my neighbour from Poland to come in art & craft class. I am from Slovakia.


I think it has been beneficial to me by learning different skills. I really enjoyed the course. I thought at first it was hard and I didn’t pass until the second time. But it has helped me to learn more about Health and Safety and I use my skills in my local church, everyday things around me and it has improved my CV and chance of getting a job.

C J - Health and Safety

I done the Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene catering course, I found it hard but interesting. I completed the course and was able to take the certificate with me to my Job interview for a catering assistant job at Sawtry School. I felt more confident having done the course and being able to show that I had the relevant knowledge for the job. I am very grateful for the chance to have done the course. I will now be able to apply for other jobs in which this certificate is needed. It has really opened up other opportunities to me. Many Thanks Parca.

D S - Food Safety and Hygiene

I had previously completed a certificate in Food Safety and Hygiene but it was out of date. My background is in Catering so it was important for me to have an up to date certificate. At Parca I was asked if I would like to take the course again for free so I jumped at the chance. I now have a job working for Subway, if I had not had the certificate I would not have been considered for the position. Thank you very much to Parca.

B R - Food Safety and Hygiene

Whilst I was at Parca I took a Health and Safety course, which I passed and it has helped me to get a new job. I now work for Sainsbury’s PLC. I found the course really helpful in taught me a lot. I would like to thank Parca for helping me get back into paid work.

P D - Health and Safety

During my time volunteering at Parca Ltd, I was offered the chance to do a free course in Health and Safety which has helped me with looking for employment. I now feel that there are more options open to me in my search for a job. I would not have been able to do the course if Parca hadn’t been offering it for free. I am grateful to you Parca for extending my knowledge and job prospects.

E S - Health and Safety
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