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British National (Overseas) Hong Kong Project 

PARCA Would like to WELCOME our British Nationals (Overseas) Hong Kongers


If you have recently arrived from or been here for a while YOU are not alone!

Here at PARCA we are here to offer Help and Support to you and integrate with guidance for Life in the UK.

WE ARE:  The Peterborough Asylum & Refugee Community Association (PARCA)


How can we help & Support YOU!


Our Aim: 


Is to Help and Support all Hong Kongers who have arrived in the United Kingdom (UK) with providing a Guidance Service that will enhance your settlement into the UK life.


What support is provided: 


Housing:  We can offer guidance to rental properties and your Rights, advise on purchasing property in UK.


Family & Community:  PARCA can offer a safe and friendly location to support cultural events, as well as a community groups to meet fellow Hong Kongers.


ESOL learning:  Can offer FREE ESOL classes weekly.


Education & Employment:  We have a very good referral process into Education and Employment advice.

Please Note: This project is no longer running at PARCA, Please visit the GOV.UK website for more information 

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