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Nos services 

Chez PARCA, nous voulons nous assurer que nous pouvons vous apporter l'aide possible. 

Nous offrons des services adaptés à votre situation.  

Jetez un œil ci-dessous à la large sélection de services que nous fournissons. 


Scroll through our services, and let us know how we can help you today!

Translation & Interpretation 

At PARCA, we have our staff and our volunteers who are able to speak in multiple languages.

If you need a translator in your language, let us know and we will be able to help you!

ESOL Class

At PARCA, we deliver high quality English lessons; we provide Pre-Entry and Entry Level 1 ESOL lesson.

To register for our ESOL classes, please email:

Advice, Guidance, Orientation

At PARCA, we are able to offer you  professional advice  for your problems.

If you need guidance and support, we are able to help you through this. 

We are also happy to show you around the city if you are new, and help you understand the Life in the UK!

Housing & Welfare

We can help you  to make new claims for Universal Credit and Housing Benefit, Tax Credits etc...


To book an appointment, call us on

01733 563420 

Form Filling 

Forms can sometimes be confusing.

At PARCA we can help you complete all different types of forms. If you need translation, let us know before and we will have a translator ready for you. 

To book an appointment, call us on

01733 563420 

One- to - One Support

We want to understand your situation and problem to make sure we can give you the best help possible!

You can book an appointment with us and it will be 100% confidential!

Call us on 01733 563420 

Phone Help/ Photocopying Service 

Youth/ Adult Social Activities 

Community Space

If you need our Unity Hall for Community events, meetings or conferences, let us know!

For more information about our space  please call us on

01733 563420 

Our telephone service is free for use if you need to make an important call to  organisations, schools, utility companies and local authority.

We also offer a free photocopying service, just let us know what to photocopy and we will be happy to do this for you.

We organise various activities for youths and adults. 

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