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Windrush Project

The aims of this project will be the following:

  1.  To raise awareness about the Windrush Compensation Scheme and the Windrush Scheme (documentation) amongst communities in Peterborough whose members could potentially be eligible. 

  2. To dispel any myths about the two schemes and to inform members of migrant communities about the details and how to apply. The attendees at the event will report having learnt something new about either the Windrush Compensation Scheme or the Windrush Scheme (documentation).

  3. To connect community members who believe they are eligible to appropriate support so that they can access the Windrush Compensation Scheme and the Windrush Scheme (documentation).

We will run 4 outreach events at different venues across Peterborough.

Targeting communities for workshop as following but anyone can join the workshop for better understand and how to apply for compensation.

Windrush Workshops .jpg
Windrush Workshops feb.jpg
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Library of Engagement Materials for

CEF 190 Community Engagement Fund organisations


UK Partner Pack


Overseas Partner Pack


Information videos on the Schemes (multiple languages)












Windrush Campaign videos (played on various community tv channels)


The latest Windrush Compensation Scheme Factsheet for October 2023 was published on 08 December 2023: Windrush Schemes Factsheet – October 2023 - Home Office in the media (


We Are Group


Apply to the Windrush Compensation Scheme: How to claim - GOV.UK (

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