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Afghan Resettlement Programme

The Government introduced a new  Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy to offer relocation or other assistance to current and former Locally Employed Staff (LES) in Afghanistan to reflect the changing situation in Afghanistan. 

The resettlement programme is offered to LES whom the UK government considers to have put themselves in the most danger and contributed the most to the UK mission in Afghanistan. The Relocation Offer is based on recognition of service and an assessment of likely current and future risk to LES due to the nature of their work for the UK government in the evolving situation in Afghanistan. 

Peterborough City Council has confirmed their commitment to resettling in the region of 100 individuals from Afghanistan, typically forming family units, as part of the national Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy (ARAP), and the broader Afghan Citizens’ Resettlement Scheme (ACRS) for other vulnerable Afghans. This project has been commissioned to PARCA to look after the new Afghan arrivals 


Supporting  the ARAP/ACRS Project in Peterborough

An appeal has been made by the local authorities through their website for private landlords to come forward to support the Afghan scheme by offering their property to Peterborough City Council. For more information, please click to link: 

For additional information please click here 

How does PARCA support the Afghan Refugees: 

  • a) Meet and Greet the family at their new home and show them around the house

  • b) Orientation Package

    • Contact information for the Emergency Services 

    • Transport (some support with bus fares/ guide on how to use public transportation)

    • Faith groups ( connecting families to different and relevant faith support groups e.g.  Mosques and Churches)

    • Family support (introducing families to activities where they can integrate into the community)

    • Housing & safety

    • Health (registering families to local GPs and assisting them with booking appointments)

    • Utilities & banking (registering families to utility companies and creating bank accounts for them) 

    • DWP / Job Centre Plus (registering the families with Job Centre so they can receive welfare and support)

    • Education (registering families to relevant schools, and training courses)

    • HMRC & Customs

  • c) Integration support

Introducing the family to PARCA where they can get involved in different activities and events to meet new people. Also to show the families around Peterborough and their neighbourhood so they can build their confidence to independently travel around Peterborough.

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