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Even the small donations can give the BIGGEST Smiles...

Our Charity Organisation is always looking for donations to help support our cause. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and will go towards helping those in need.
By donating to our organisation, you will be helping to provide resources, education, and support to those in need. We are grateful for any and all donations that we receive.
Thank you for your support!

We accept Donations in all forms, if you would like to donate in person, please see the list below of the donation items that we are seeking!

Men's Clothing
Men's Shoes
Body Wash 
Brand New Toys 
Note Pads
Pens/ Pencils/ Rubbers
Vouchers /
Gift Cards
Please see our Amazon Wishlist here.

You can send your donation by clicking on the PayPal Button or Bank Transferring to us on:

Account Name:

Peterborough Asylum and Refugee Community Association (PARCA)

Sort Code:


Account Number:



You can donate on our GoFundMe Page:

All donations should be in good condition. 
If the item that you would like to donate is not on the list, please call us on 01733 563420 to see if we can accept it!
Thank you for your generosity and support.

Did you Know? 

Did you know?
Three-quarters (75%) have suffered from at least one negative consequence of having NRPF, including not being able to feed themselves or their family, or afford clothing and footwear appropriate for the weather. - Citizen Advice, 2022
Did you know?
Families who are on Universal Credit are now facing a benefit cap, which means more families will be out of pocket before the end of the month. 
Did you know?
Asylum Seekers in the UK only receive £45 per week, per person. This means they are only on £6.43 per day. 
Did you know?
Asylum seekers and refugees are more likely to experience poor mental health than the local population,2 including higher rates of depression, PTSD and other anxiety.  disorders. - Mental Health Foundation, 2022
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