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British National (Overseas) Hong Kong Project 

PARCA Would like to WELCOME our British Nationals (Overseas) Hong Kongers


If you have recently arrived from or been here for a while YOU are not alone!

Here at PARCA we are here to offer Help and Support to you and integrate with guidance for Life in the UK.

WE ARE:  The Peterborough Asylum & Refugee Community Association (PARCA)


How can we help & Support YOU!


Our Aim: 


Is to Help and Support all Hong Kongers who have arrived in the United Kingdom (UK) with providing a Guidance Service that will enhance your settlement into the UK life.


What can we do:


Housing:  We can offer guidance to rental properties and your Rights, advise on purchasing property in UK.


Family & Community:  PARCA can offer a safe and friendly location to support cultural events, as well as a community groups to meet fellow Hong Kongers.


ESOL learning:  Can offer FREE ESOL classes weekly.


Education & Employment:  We have a very good referral process into Education and Employment advice.


We are here for YOU! 

So if there is something that you really need support with or we have not listed in our project please come forward and we will be able to assist you and your family.

Please contact the BN(O) Project Manager (Donald) on 07342 352780 or email

Your needs are our concerns.

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