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I am a Volunteer for P.A.R.C.A

Hi, I'm

Suhad Elmarsumi one of P.A.R.C.A.'s volunteers assisting the Syrian refugee resettlement in the UK.

I'm happy to have worked with the first families to arrive in Peterborough from Syria in 2016, and today, after their journey, soon they will become British citizens.

We started with them from day one when they arrived in the UK. We welcomed them at the airport, and registered them at the GP, dentist, and banks. We also helped with their application for Universal Credit, school and colleges, and many other things until they could depend on themselves.

My work at P.A.R.C.A. didn't stop at this point, we did the same kind of help for any one in need of PARCA's help especially asylum seekers, refugees and people who were new arrivals to the UK.

Contact PARCA on 01733 563420 if you would like any support.

Suhad Elmarsumi

Volunteer Caseworker

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