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Meet Alwyn J Bull, our Volunteer!

My name is Alwyn J Bull and in a way I am also a refugee but I have certain advantages too in that I can move to this country feely and undertake my normal profession. Although now retired I am also a volunteer at PARCA an have enjoyed helping others particularly those who have nothing and have lost everything they knew or have had to move away from home very quickly for one reason or another.

We have people literally from many trouble spots around the world. I act as a helper in one of the English classes where these people do not understand English or they have very little in the way of English language skills. ESOL (English for Second Language speakers) is generally aimed at the younger people but there is one person in the group, which I help, who I feel very sorry for. She is an older lady who should be enjoying retirement now. Her English skills are nearly zero. On Fridays I help with the setting up of the breakfast club and then in part I help with the Art class.

Alwyn J Bull

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