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Meet Rania!

Want to know more about Syrian refugees in Peterborough? Would you like to get facts, guidance, advice, and care? Just contact me!

My name is Rania Ali and I work at P.A.R.C.A.

I work on the move, helping refugees to settle into their new lives in the UK. I am the first face they see upon arrival, and I help provide housing advice, financial support, assist with finding suitable study or work opportunities and opening new bank accounts.

I am best suited for this job because being an immigrant myself, I know the hardship of not knowing the language, culture, and system in another county. This means I can empathise with refugees and help them to quickly integrate into society. I also speak Arabic, so they have access to an interpreter, and I can communicate with them easily and efficiently.

I see the families I work with twice a week, and I love my role! Work is always a pleasure; I enjoy the days when I can provide support for Syrian refugees and help those in need. Knowing I can make a slight difference is my biggest motivator and I hope to be able to impact the lives of those who were once living in war and terror. I am always willing to commit to my work, whenever and wherever I can.

Rania Ali

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