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Running, I love it and you should love it too!

There are so many benefits to running, for me the days when I run are so different to the days when I don’t run. It can make you feel more content, confident and good about yourself.

Here are some benefits according to experts:

Stress: When training is a part of weekly routines, you will feel generally less stressed. Not only does the body become stronger and more flexible but the mind also changes during physical activity. The nervous system stabilizes and one becomes calmer. Eventually, the general level of stress can decrease.

Health: Stronger Heart and Lungs: Over time, with consistent running, your heart and lungs adapt. Your heart becomes stronger, enabling it to pump

a greater volume of blood per beat, and your lungs become more powerful and capable of taking in more air per breath. As your cardiovascular efficiency improves, you’re able to run faster with less effort.

Education: Want your child to do well at school? Well get them running…

It has been proved to improve memory, focus and learning, growth eventually leads to better study achievements.

Also, a longitudinal study carried out by the universities of Strathclyde and Dundee in Scotland of 5000 children and adolescents revealed a strong correlation between exercise and exam success.

It was discovered that the improvement in academic performance appeared after nearly 15 minutes of exercise. Overall, individuals who exercise regularly are proven to be more academically successful.

My personal running hero is Courtney Dauwalter (pictured below), she is the woman that beats all of the men! In 2017 she raced at the Moab 240 race running 240 miles and finishing the whole course in a total of 2 days, 9 hours, and 59 minutes. She was ahead of the second placer for more than 10 hours.

She ran for over 2 days, yes 2 days, what a hero! This proves that we can do anything we put our mind to!

I have been running for the Peterborough Athletic Club for the past 3 years, everyone is welcome at all ages and ability. Ready to come and join me?

Thomas Wright

Employment Advisor

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