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The Resettlement Project

As lead for the Resettlement project, it has been an eventful and productive last 12 months fulfilling several roles at PARCA.

Developing pathways for Education, and Employment has been a true focus and a passion of mine to see collective collaborative support through business within Peterborough. The creation of a Refugee into Work scheme has brought so much fruit to the table and with a few successes’ evident means some of our refugees are now in sustainable work.

This year also saw me back into the world of Professional Football Refereeing and for the first time in a long time returned to Junior Football for all ages under 18. This was very humbling to see our junior players develop their skills at all levels since coming out of the long and difficult period of the Pandemic.

How wonderful it would be to develop a refugee football team for the City as this would truly integrate our younger refugees into the community through, team building, focused skills, and a healthy way to stay fit and exercised.

My sustainable efforts will continue for our city’s refugee community as they form a valuable resource by learning new skills, develop longevity by integrating into so many areas of our culture and support the valuable opportunity of living and working in the United Kingdom.

I personally see first hand the efforts of PARCA contributing to the refugee community on a wide range of issues, so much that it is exceptionally humbling to know that people’s lives have changed for the better as a result of that continued support.

Bye for now

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