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Welcome to PARCA’s Blog Site!

My name is Moez Nathu, the CEO of PARCA.

I want to welcome you to our new website and to our new Blog Section where my team and I will be writing up something for you every week!

A bit about PARCA:

Back in November 2002 we launched PARCA, the reason for this was the journey that I and many others faced. This included journey included isolation, loneliness, lack of knowledge of UK system, language barriers and the lack of trust of who we can talk to about our problems.

PARCA’s overall aims is to promote integration, cohesion, reduce poverty, decrease the stress of Asylum Seekers, Refugees, BAME communities, Migrants, Local Resident, low-income people and other disadvantaged members of the community. We initially started this organisation for African Refugees due to limited resources. Being able to develop and progress over the years, we now offer our services to those who have come from all parts of the world including the continents of South America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

From my personal experience, I understand that the asylum system can be a very traumatic experience. I also know the struggle and stress of finding a simple solution during this period is not an easy task. Individuals can become isolated and feel the emotional and mental stress as a result of not being able to find support. To arrive to a new country with no support can be a difficult period therefore we created a safe base to assist people from all backgrounds who can find supportive system for their new life in the UK. We also inspire them to find a purpose for their new life in the UK through social activities, employment, training courses. PARCA also educates new arrivals about the UK system and how the country works. It is not easy for those who cannot speak, understand or read English however PARCA is here to make that transition easy and to facilitate them until they are independent.

Our organisation has been operating for almost 20 years and we have supported people from many different nationalities to build a community where people feel safe environment in our centre at The Unity Hall. We offer services like advice, training including English Classes and ICT, job help and supported volunteering, free translation/interpreting, formfilling, social activities to encourage you to network and make friends.

We have created a data base of languages where our volunteers and staff members interpret and translate with their linguistic skills. We also know that many that arrive in the UK are alone, and this can take a toll on their mental health, so we have created many social activities and social events to ensure we come together as a community to tackle isolation and provide ways to promote positive mental health

Over the years, PARCA has been very lucky for having a team of wonderful board members, staff and volunteers have been able to support those are struggling through may differently need. We always encourage our services users to give back to community by volunteering or choosing the route of employment.

We try to wear your shoes to understand your journey and what you are going through.

Moez Nathu


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