We aim to improve the conditions and lives of all refugees and asylum seekers, from any region of the African continent, who now reside within Greater Peterborough and its surrounding areas; naturally we will help people from other countries and all areas of the United Kingdom (UK) as well.

PARCA is an inclusive organisation that supports people regardless of their nationality, their faith or their community, in order to allow them to develop greater levels of understanding about the UK lifestyle. We encourage diversity within the United Kingdom, with our focus being on the Greater Peterborough area.

PARCA has an effective process which empowers families to play a full part within British society and helps to achieve harmonious integration and improved community cohesion.

PARCA encourages refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, as well as members of any other local community, to participate in its regular leisure and recreational activities, as well as enjoyable social events for all age groups and abilities.

PARCA delivers a high quality service that can fulfil the needs of any member of any community.

PARCA has rebranded their name. Please see new name below!