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Being Social...

It sounds very simple to be social, but this isn’t the case for everyone.

Covid-19 impacted many people in the UK, and of course the lockdown was not an easy time for the social butterflies let alone for those who already find it hard to speak to new people.

Many people including myself developed something called social anxiety, although I was pretty good at masking it, not many are. Social anxiety is more than just being shy, its more of a fear of being around people. For me it was being around large groups of people and how to communicate with all the different personalities that are present.

At one point, the feeling of being overwhelmed by this seemed crazy since I had a background in hospitality and I was surrounded by large groups of people all the time, especially during the weekend. But then I learnt through friends, family and TikTok that its okay to feel this way especially with the whole country shutting down!

The best way to over come this is by encouraging yourselves to take the next step, and to go out to meet new people. Even if you think you’re the only one feeling a certain way, there are others who feel this way too! Just reach out and connect!

PARCA offers various social activities that you can take part in, follow us on our Instagram (@parca_peterborough) and Facebook page (@parcaltd) to stay connected!

Thanks for reading <3


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