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Covid-19: How did PARCA support the community?

The country went into a lockdown as there was a deadly disease spreading rapidly. This caused chaos amongst the people as minimal service was introduced, usage of mask became a law and going out was not an option.

However, many charities like PARCA took a risk to help those who are vulnerable and supported them with a door-to-door service. Our Covid- 19 Support Officer was involved and undertook many tasks including educating people and organisations on how to keep safe during this time of trouble.

She highlighted ‘ As a COVID-19 Support Officer I undertake a range of Covid-19 prevention projects, provide advice to businesses and residents both remotely and during visits, and play an active role in supporting communities to be safe. I assist in the effective implementation of policies and procedures to ensure that the public are adequately protected against risks to their health and harm from COVID-19.’

In 2022, Our Covid-19 Support Officer is still very much involved to ensure that the city is a safer place especially for those who are at a vulnerable state.

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