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Finally, I am there, where my passion belongs!

Hi! My name is Lina Truksanovaite, I am Lithuanian, and I have been living in England for 14 years.

I am an ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) Manager here at PARCA.

Now I can tell you that it was very difficult to reach the position I currently have. I had to go through loads of studies, job interviews, negative feedback, or comments from others, but I always tried my best and did not give up and finally, I am here, where my passion belongs!

When I arrived in England, I worked in various factories and warehouses, I had no confidence; I didn’t have a good level of speaking English or any idea of becoming an ESOL manager/Lead Teacher.

However, what I have found is that the process of teaching English has also helped me to refine my language learning strategy and learn the language better. As well as this, I take great satisfaction in the fact that I was successful in helping even the weakest learners to speak, write and read in English and dramatically improve the level of many of those I taught. My success in teaching English is a huge part of why I am so confident in helping the Lithuanian community in Peterborough, by teaching children Lithuanian as a second language.

I would like to encourage you all to never give up; always follow your dreams and reach for your goals!

Lina Truksanovaite,

ESOL Manager

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