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'I truly admire PARCA’s commitment to providing vital support...'


I am Yasemin from Germany. I have been living in the UK for around one and a half years, and I have to admit that things are still new to me, although I can confidently say that I feel settled by now.

I volunteer at PARCA as an ESOL teacher, which brings me immense joy. I consider it a privilege to be part of the team and be able to make a change for those in need. My journey with PARCA has been a rewarding experience. I got in touch because I wanted to do something useful and because I missed the charity work I used to do in Germany (as a German teacher for primarily Syrian refugees). First, I helped out with the summer activities carried out by PARCA; afterwards, I started teaching English. Even though I have been a language teacher for many years, teaching English has been a new experience for me as a non-native speaker. I have learned so much myself, for which I am deeply grateful.

I truly admire PARCA’s commitment to providing vital support to those in need and helping them find their way into society. I can only imagine how challenging daily life must be for those individuals who come to the UK with no or very little knowledge of English and a culture so very different from their own. I have great respect for all learners who never give up and find strength in both their successes and failures.

I believe that, on a governmental level, the importance of teaching ESOL does not receive the attention it actually should, which is why we need to continue making a positive impact as much as we can. The gratitude and enthusiasm the learners express reaffirm the importance of PARCA’s work.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of the team and be able to grow both personally and professionally!

Yasemin Ozcelik

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