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Including me..

I came to PARCA as a volunteer just under a year ago and have found it inspiring, educational, and deeply fulfilling.

When it comes to migrants, there are times when the background, circumstances, nationality, race, gender, sexuality, economic status, education even marital status becomes grounds for someone to be set apart from the rest.

At PARCA I have seen how everyone is welcomed, encouraged, included, and supported. Diversity is celebrated here, and people are encouraged not only to be themselves but to showcase the best of where they come from and openly discuss the issues their home countries face – which is the reason many of them come to the UK.

Refugees and migrants are given the opportunity to grow and flourish but so are native born Brits. Everyone who wishes to, can contribute and anyone willing and able can learn, including me.

Even children can come to PARCA and find a welcoming space where they can safely explore different skills and activities while being exposed to diverse cultures.

While there is much that can be said in terms of our differences, there is so much that binds us all together and highlights the many ways we are all the same. Our love of good food, the way we react to music, our shared desire for peace and justice and so much more.

PARCA has been a wonderful place to give to the community but it has also been a pleasure to receive the warmth and welcome provided.


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