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Millfield Festival 2022

Just like last year (2021), this year the Millfield Festival was a huge success.

Millfield is a diverse area with so many cultural and backgrounds living together, so it made sense to host the event in this area. Peterborough Present’s gave PARCA a chance to take part in at festival and it was so much fun, a chance to show the people of Millfield the work we do in this area.

The preparation was led by by our Outreach Manager, along side the team support her to ensure that our stall was able to attract everyone, the older and the young ones!

We had goodie bags which were donated by Morrisons to give away at our stall, our team also taught many young people how to create handcrafted friendship bracelets , and we had a free mini competition of 'Guessing the number of Sweets in the Jar'. Our stall kept very busy through out the day due to the different activities we had.

The festival had many other activities, including henna, face painting, block printing and performances from different cultural groups. There were also many delicious food stalls where different cultural foods could be purchased

PARCA was also featured in the Peterborough Telegraph (Picture 4):

The festival was a carnival of celebrating diversity through art!


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