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Social and educational life of youths

During my life back in Afghanistan, I was a member of a Social and Development Network called Youth Educational and Social Welfare Development for those who were not able to access the governmental services specifically to education and social welfare services.

Mostly I was in contact with youth in other provinces who were granted less developmental budgets from government.

Access to education and social welfare was hard in far areas from provinces centres.

We were raised fund for them and educated them about the positive impact of education and social welfare. Contacting to embassies, specifically, we were in contact with India, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Middle East countries and with golf countries embassies to provide is free educational scholarships for those young who would pass the initial assessment, provide the required educational documents and pass the last assessment in embassies. Different types of scholarships we had received by the mentioned countries. Most of the scholarships were in Business Administration, Computer Science, Agriculture and Technology.

Most of them were very happy regarding these activities, actions and efforts. Around hundreds of young men and women have been to the mentions countries for education. They have learned and familiar with other countries educational systems, different cultures, different traditions and religions.

What we aim was to introduce young people to the society to work for the government departments and work with private sectors in different fields in order to support their families and communities in their own cities, towns and villages.

They easily became individualistic and independent. They all supported their families and took parts in educational and social development programs and projects. When then returned to the country they were all parts of our network and work close with us.

By changing the situation in Afghanistan back in August 2021, now most of the educated people are jobless and finding ways and routes to fled their country to others countries like, Turkey, UK and some European countries. It’s very hard to leave your own country but when you don’t have access to job, education and food so, it’s better to choose the second option.

I wish all my best for those who fled their country and become refugees or asylum seekers in other countries. They have to take part in educational programs and training to at least survive and work for bright and better future.


Afzal Aryouby

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